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Health Equity in Clinical Trials Congress | May 8 - 9, 2024 | Atlanta
8-9 May, 2024


Our agenda platforms case-studies, data-driven solutions, and best practices from across the clinical trials ecosystem to innovate health equity approaches and facilitate collaborative action.

  • Receive the implementable tools to operationalize clinical trial diversity strategy and innovate the health equity lens applied in your role, at your organization

  • Network with 400+ senior executives driving forward the health equity mission and 200+ clinical trial decision-makers to center health equity in your collaboration and partnership considerations

  • Unlock new health equity approaches and optimize your initiatives as we platform all voices across the industry and delve into operational developments, network construction, data strategies, community engagement, patient trust, accessibility, and the role of technology

"It was so energizing being amongst the health equity thought and practice leaders from across the globe!"
Leigh Boehmer, Chief Medical Officer, Association of Community Cancer Centers